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We have serviced businesses in Indiana and neighboring cities for years, keeping offices and workspaces clean and healthy


Some businesses are reluctant to hire professional cleaners because they prefer to save the money and do it themselves. The simple fact is that the amount of money you will end up saving may not necessarily be worth the efforts you will put in to maintain a clean office.


We have serviced businesses in Indiana and neighboring cities for years, keeping offices and workspaces clean and healthy! We offer commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, maintenance programs, and more to keep your business in Indiana and neighboring cities looking at its best and being a safe, healthy environment for your staff and customers.


We go above and beyond to provide optimal commercial floor care services to all of our clients. The concept of cleaning is to implement all measures necessary to ensure a healthy environment. We perform our cleaning task as diligently as possible in order to properly reduce the microbial load.

Welcome to Kuality Floor Care

We are a residential & commercial floor care company, serving Marion and surrounding areas. We are focused on delivering the best professional cleaning service and maintenance to commercial and retail companies. Kuality Floor Care has a team of highly qualified employees. You can be confident that all our staff are trained to avoid any damage to your property with all the necessary care. Our services are cost effective and designed to enhance the image of your establishment. Kuality Floor Care is trusted by industry leaders for their ongoing commitment to providing excellent customer satisfaction. Our superior quality control ensures that you will receive incomparable services, support and results. We take extreme precaution when it comes down to the physical property of our customers. One of the many things they appreciate from us is our attention to detail, not only regarding our commercial cleaning services, but also in regards to security measures we take before hiring a team member.

We always apply multiple dry passes to make certain your carpet is never over drenched. One of the biggest complaints homeowners have with carpet cleaning is the soaked carpet. Which is why you will appreciate our Speed Drying System. We use multiple high accelerated air movers to ensure speedy drying time so you can place furniture back on the surface and get back to life as normal. Often the dry time is less than 3 hours.

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The overall cleanliness of the environment you work in can affect your health and that of your employees. A non healthy work environment will not only produce less motivated workers, but it may also generate health problems and lower productivity. Kuality Floor Care is here to fulfill your commercial cleaning and maintenance service need. You will notice the difference immediately after our very first visit and your employees will appreciate the purity found in the ambient air. Do not let your work space gather dust and become a nest for all kinds of dangerous bacteria. Contact us today for a free quote!