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We have serviced businesses in Indiana and neighboring cities for years, keeping offices and workspaces clean and healthy


Kuality Floor Care goes above and beyond to provide optimal floor care services to all our clients. The concept of cleaning is to implement all measures necessary to ensure a healthy environment. We perform our cleaning task as diligently as possible in order to properly reduce the microbial load.


Kuality Floor Care is the local leading company providing quality carpet cleaning services to commercial and residential customers in the Marion and surrounding Indiana areas. We provide the absolute best carpet cleaning service no matter the scale. Kuality Floor Care understands your carpets are a major purchase that you want to protect. That’s why we use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment products that are environmentally and family friendly.

Expect nothing but the best from Kuality Floor Care. Our Carpet care technicians are friendly, personable, and honest. We take serious pride in our work, and in making you a happy customer for life. You will find out quickly once we are in your home that we are not just your average Joe carpet cleaner. Our process starts by removing dirt and dusting. This eliminates a vehicle that is used for spreading microbes.


Many business owners end up having their own employees do the cleaning services or otherwise employ a janitor of their own to maintain a building’s cleanliness. The truth is, the amount of money you will end up saving may not necessarily be worth the efforts you will put in to maintain a clean office.

When you look at the bigger picture, you’re better off hiring the service of commercial cleaners to do a better job of keeping your office clean than your staff, who are not professional cleaners. By paying commercial rates you get the services of qualified cleaners who will clean every space in your business premises such that it keeps a professional look that will be attractive and inviting to potential customers.

We provide Daily/Weekly/Monthly office cleaning service, lobby and common area building maintenance, and restroom janitorial services. It is our priority to exceed your level of expectation with respect to the detail you require and your contract specifications pertaining to daytime and nighttime janitorial services.


Kuality Floor Care offers commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, maintenance programs, and more to keep your business in Indiana and neighboring cities looking at its best and being a safe, healthy environment for your staff and customers.

Kuality Floor Care offers an assortment of floor cleaning services throughout Indiana and neighboring cities depending on the type of floor and texture of the floor to be cleaned. Tile floors ordinarily need to be professionally cleaned and thoroughly washed. Tile floor cleaning is followed-up with a floor sealant, and a top quality floor finish. After the floor is cleaned and has thoroughly dried out, the floor is buffed to a high gloss shine.

At Kuality Floor Care we strive to provide the best quality floor cleaning at the lowest cost. This does not mean cheapest floor cleaning, or cut rate floor cleaning, and our every day floor cleaning is discounted floor cleaning. What it means is your will get the highest quality floor cleaning and inexpensive floor cleaning prices in Indiana and surrounding cities. Our office cleaning experts can help keep your office floors clean and looking like brand new floors. Clean flooring is an investment in your office health and productivity providing your work space with a comfortable, inviting look and feel.

You want your customers to notice your merchandise, not the sorry condition of your floors. Allow your clean floors to make a great first impression by using Kuality Floor Care staff to clean, polish, refinish or shine your floors. We can accommodate your retail business’ schedule to clean floors at times when normal business hours are closed.